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Ear, nose and throat problems can be handled very easily by an ENT doctor Singapore. General practitioners can also treat a number of ENT disorders. However, your family doctor in Singapore may refer you to an otolaryngologist (ENT) to find out the underlying cause of the problem. You can also seek an ENT specialist in Singapore if you suffer frequent sinus infections, seasonal allergies or other ear, nose and throat problems.

Nose and Mouth Problems

Allergic rhinitis, congestion, mouth sores and a deviated septum are the common problems of people in Singapore. You should consult an ENT doctor in Singapore if you experience problems such as:

* Polyps
* Sinus infection
* Sinusitis
* Drainage
* Obstruction
* Nasal fracture
* Allergic rhinitis
* Deviated septum

Common Ear Conditions

* Otitis media
* Ear drainage
* Auricular hematoma
* Ear wax
* Swimmer’s ear

Hearing Conditions

* Tinnitus
* Deafness
* Age related hearing loss
* Child hearing loss
* Noise reduced hearing loss
* Sensorineural hearing loss
* Sudden hearing loss
* Meniere’s disease

Throat Conditions

* Reflux
* Neck cancer
* Tonsil and adenoids
* Thyroid nodules
* Infections

Neck and Head Conditions

* Fine needle aspiration
* Facial sports injuries
* Dizziness and motion sickness
* Bell’s palsy
* Head and neck cancer
* Sinus headache
* TMJ pain
* Thyroid disorders
* Sinus headache


* Head and neck tumors
* Laryngeal
* Thyroid cancer

An ENT doctor Singapore is specialized in treating diseases and disorders relating to ear, nose and throat. These doctors can treat patients of all ages. They can work in ENT clinics Singapore or hospital settings and some ENT doctors do private practices. At first, the ENT specialists evaluate a patient, take the history of overall health and specific symptoms of patients. They examine patients for outward symptoms of ailment or injury. They also use specialized equipment, which include laryngoscope. This instrument allows ENT doctors to look deep in to the throat. An otoscope helps these doctors to examine the inner structure of the ear. ENT doctors Singapore also treat ear infections in infants, adults and children, sinus infections, malformations or polyps such as tumors in nose, ear and throat, infections and diseases to the head or neck, etc.


* Neuromonics
* Nasal reconstruction
* Hearing aids
* Cochlear implants
* Surgery for throat and larnyx cancer
* Skull based surgery
* Transoral robotic surgery
* Pediatric ENT services
* Cosmetic and facial reconstruction

The best ENT treatment varies according to the types of problems and symptoms. Surgical procedures may not be needed during the early stages of disorders. After suspecting an infection, ENT doctor Singapore performs tests to determine the cause. If it is a viral infection, it cannot be cured with antibiotics. If a surgical procedure is needed to correct the condition, your doctor may ask you to stop eating solid foods. If you are experiencing an ENT disorder, you must consult a specialist in your area immediately to get the best treatment. ENT clinics in Singapore offer you all types of latest treatment, which are helpful to cure your ENT problems.

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